Mifflin Archive Arrives!

by EFHS • June 6, 2016

“Much in life is learned and accomplished by accident.” – Harley Brown, Artist An oh-so-fortunate accident On Tuesday November 18, Ellen Sheehan presented the Mifflin Archive, a volume of historical documents about the school, to Principal Leslie Mason. Two years in the making, the Archive is the carefully curated result of a fortunate accident. “I […]

East Falls’ Past: Love and Suicide

by EFHS • May 17, 2016

What possible connection could our 15th president, James Buchanan, have with East Falls? As it turns out, Buchanan’s financee was buried at Laurel Hill cemetery (ed note:  whoops! Suburban Press got this wrong — see below). The tragedy of her dying before they were married, some say, was the reason he remained our only bachelor […]